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Mosqoy's Update on COVID-19

Dear Mosqoy supporters,
We hope you feel safe and supported, and that you are finding creative ways to be kind and compassionate with your neighbours (from a responsibly safe distance away!) as we universally navigate this uncertain time. 
We apologize for our delay in reaching out to you; our first priorities were to our students, weavers, and team members, as we tried to lessen the effects of Corona on our Mosqoy family as much as possible.

Our last excursion before the quarantine. Weavers from our partnering community of Amaru hiked with us up to the community of Cancha Cancha to facilitate a cleaning workshop, as part of our alpaca recuperation project and in preparation to launch our new organic, all-natural alpaca fibres line. They did an amazing job teaching the Cancha Cancha weavers how to clean their alpaca yarn using all-natural plants from their region (which act as shampoos). (Photo by Kathy Gutierrez)
Here at Mosqoy, we deeply value the holistic well-being of our staff an…

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