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Reflections on Mosqoy’s 2019: What a year!

A Note from our Founder, Ashli Akins 

What a year! We at Mosqoy are exhausted. We wondered why, until looking back at this list, realizing how much happened this past year.
It is interesting to reflect back on our strategic planning days a few years ago and ask ourselves the key question: Does the practice match the theory? In some ways, we have surpassed where we thought we would be by now (i.e. our Mosqoy Peruvian Textiles!); in other ways, we will have to be a bit more patient, due to funding constraints (i.e. in our Field School visions); and in other areas, we are exactly on target (in our ambitious Youth Program plans).
In the midst of it all, there are always (beautifully happy) surprises - connections with new people, projects, and partnerships - that lead us to new places that we had never dreamed possible.
This is 2020 for us...
A year already packed with newness - a new house, new students, new curriculum, new textile collection, a new Indigenous knowled…

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